Favicon and Robots.txt

A favicon.ico is a file that is from the past, however, its a good idea to use one. The reason being, Apache may throw up a lot of error messages in your Apache error log if you don't have one. So to prevent the log file from growing too big, create one. Qlicksoft CMS does not supply a favicon.ico as this is specific to your website.

Every website should have a robots.txt file. We do not supply one to avoid overwriting yours on installation or upgrade. It is easy to create one.

Robots.txt specifies what areas of your website you allow user agents (web crawlers, browsers, etc.) to get content. For example, the code below allow every user agent access to your website domain.

User-agent: *
Allow: /

You should not use this as a security measure. Neverlist sensitive folders to avoid being accessed. This will only give hackers an inside look of what your filesystem layout