Main Qlicksoft CMS Files

Here are the system components and main files that drive Qlicksoft CMS along with their purpose. Refer to this when you are developing your website.

Apache HTTP Server

Qlicksoft CMS is meant to run on Apache HTTP and with nothing else. Apache is the most widely used web server in the world. Almost all Linux distributions have it available in their repositories or have it already installed.

Make sure you download and have mod_rewrite enabled.

Please read more about it here:
Apache HTTP Web server


The templating system used in this CMS. Go download and install it under the /templateEngine folder on your Apache virtual host.

Please read more about it here:
Mustache PHP


This is an Apache 2 file. It is commonly used for rewriting URLs. For Qlicksoft CMS, we use it to route all URI's to our main entry point, main.php

Please read more about it here:
Apache .htaccess tutorial


The default configuration settings stored in the qlick global variable. The qlick global variable is used throughout the entire system as a way to pass values among files.


This is our main entry file that breaks apart a URI, validates against the folder structure of the file system, and binds configuration variables to your templates.


Handy functions to make life easier. You can call these from within your PHP content files.


English message strings. If you want messages for another language, create a country specific message file in the language folder and specify the country code in the configuration file.


Every theme needs one. It is used to set zone content variables and global settings in your mustache layouts.


The default mustache template with no sidebars.


For a simple layout with a sidebar on the left.


For a simple layout with a sidebar on the right.


The home page layout.


For category page layouts.


For article layouts with no sidebar.


For article layouts with a sidebar on the left.


For article layouts with a sidebar on the right.


Default CSS stylesheet that is for styling page elements.


CSS stylesheet containing media rules to support different screen width sizes.

With Qlicksoft CMS, the system is micro enough for you to study the code and adapt as necessary. In most cases, you won't need to do anything at all except to create content files and place them in the appropriate file system category. Its that easy!