Content Management Systems (CMS)

Raise your hand if you feel today's content management systems are way too complex and over engineered! Welcome to the Club! After using too many CMS's that let me down since 2000, I decided to write my very own!

The Problem: Monolithic CMS Applications

Content management systems (CMS) today have a heavy learning curve that can take a long time to get up to speed. Monolithic, overly complex, fat, and slow, they are becoming dinosaurs of the past.

As these fat content management systems age through time, programmers who wrote the original code don't have the time or desire to fix their bugs. Most are long gone due to losing interest (some are even dead!). Free open source software does not work very well when people have no financial incentive to perform.

This results in your website breaking and you as the webmaster, stuck hiring someone or spending countless hours figuring out how to make broken things work. All while, your website is down and visitors turned away.

The Solution: Micro CMS

Be the master of your own domain.

Qlicksoft CMS is a micro database-less content management system founded on the idea that you, as the webmaster, should have a good understanding of the underlying code.

As a micro CMS, the footprint is small enough for anyone with the desire to master. It consists of only a few hundred lines of PHP code, Mustache templates, and CSS files - all well organized making it faster for you to find things and custom tailor to your needs.

Additional benefits of using a database-less CMS is that you don't pay for database costs, multi core processors, and high amounts of disk storage. This means you can run a website using very low cloud resources per month. This is great for those who create blogs, company, and informational type of websites.